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Upcoming Tour Dates:

March 31: 6:00pm Pebble Creek Assembly of God (Larry Basso Coffee Bar) 13800 E 51st St Kansas City, MO 64133

April 1: 5:00pm  Solid Rock Bible Church,2501 NE Parvin Road Kansas City, MO 64117

May 5: 4:00pm  The Gospel Barn 214 Main Street Ripley, WV

May 8-10: 6:00pm Fanfare in Somerset, KY

July 8: 6:00pm Bethel Temple Church 401 E 2st Street Otoka, OK (with Mike Wellman)

July 9 10:00am Heart of Truth Temple, 121 E. Ohio St, Temple, OK (Preaching the Gospel)


8:00pm Concert w/ Mike Wellman

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Lonnie Hardy:  He's the kind of guy you just want to get to know!  He has that down home feel with a good sense of humor and talent that is suited for the stage.  Lonnie Hardy has centered his life on the focal point of meeting Jesus at the young age of 9 years old. 

He is a singer, songwriter and minister of the Gospel with forty-five years of experience, and as relevant today as he was four decades ago.  With a successful career in both musical evangelism and pastoring, this man knows what it means to pioneer a move of the Lord which changes people's lives for generations.

He is once again riding the top of the charts in the Christian Country genre with having two consecutive number one songs to his credit.  He has shared the stage with countless names in both Christian and Country music: The Hemphill's, Hinson's, Lester's and Barbara Fairchild just to name a few.  You can find him on streaming platforms and his YouTube channel:

Lonnie's current tour is crisscrossing America and encompasses both concert dates and revival preaching.  The life changing "Livin' the Dream tour is an experience you don't want to miss.  Be sure to book now to make sure you don't miss it!!

To book, call Amy Jo at 816-209-3233 today!!! 

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For available dates and bookings, contact Amy Jo at 816-209-3233

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